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Our facilities

The immaculate interior is functional and aesthetically stylish, perfectly suited to the tropical environments where the boat will be cruising. Large windows are featured to maximise the light and airy spaciousness of the interior, and the Anagre (English Tawa) wood trim contrasts superbly with the clean lines of the painted surfaces. The soles are finished with vinyl and the leather upholstery contributes to a stand out interior. Working surfaces are Trezzini and clear finished carbon features prominently in the nav- station. Koa is rigged for safe short handed sailing with features such as a forward mast pit, accessed from the main saloon, which makes reefing and sail changes safer. She carries a generous rig and sail plan which ensures adequate power to make 300 mile days a reality.

Many of New Zealand's most reputable specialist contractors and suppliers have contributed to the finished boat, with spars beautifully crafted by Matrix Masts and the sail wardrobe supplied by North Sails NZ. Franklin's don't expect all their clients to take such a hands-on approach to the boat building process, but they do appreciate the huge personal and financial investment that goes into every boat they make. Koa has realised every expectation of her owners and that is a result we strive to achieve on behalf of all our clients.

Strum was built for a Vancouver based family and their goal was to have a boat that was competitive on the racing circuit in the Pacific North West and in events such as the Vic. Maui race. Strum will be campaigned by family members and their friends and by early performances indications she should have little trouble finding her way to the front of the fleet. This has been achieved with a smart combination of water ballasting, cockpit simplicity and all round smart and simple yacht design principles. The Paul Bieker Riptide 50 design is a true racer/cruiser in every sense of the word using a combination of state of the art composite technologies mixed with all the creature comforts you'd usually associate with a top line cruising yacht. Construction The hull is a combination of Woven and uni-directional carbon fabrics incorporating Kevlar in the impact zones and is constructed over a male mould and faired with a minimal amount of lightweight epoxy filler. The deck is of similar construction incorporating Woven and uni-directional carbon and closed cell foam, however the deck is built in a female mould and laid up into a high build epoxy resulting in a very smooth fair exterior finish. Both the hull and deck are heat cured to ensure the laminate achieves it's optimum strength.