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Current Projects

For a recently retired Californian couple, a decision to spend their leisure time sailing the world required an upgrade from their existing boat. They found they required a more spacious and stable boat than their 40 ft mono-hull after chartering a catamaran for a trial cruise. They were so impressed by the capability and design of the multi-hull they chartered they approached the designers of her, Morrelli & Melvin, to create a custom design suitable for their long term sailing plans.

They then travelled to New Zealand to interview several boat builders with a view towards selecting a suitable company to build their catamaran. Franklin's were delighted to be amongst the companies short listed. It is testimony to the yard's reputation, and the couple's complete trust in Franklin's ability to turn their design into a boat that fulfilled their exacting criteria that Franklin's secured the contract. Koa is the result of that successful partnership. Each feature of the boat's design and construction has been selected by her owners after careful consideration of all options available. Koa is fitted with an extremely sophisticated electronics and safety package as well as sound and heating systems.

During the 18 month period of construction the owners established their home in Christchurch and personally took on the roll of project managers. In their regular visits to the yard they established close friendships with each member of the Franklin Team and enabled them to make an enormous contribution to the final result. In between yard visits they took time to enjoy many of the beautiful locations in New Zealand, Koa is of composite construction from Carbon Fibre, E-Glass and Epoxy laminate, heat cured under vacuum with a PVC foam core. Designed to be a fast passage maker. She has been engineered to exacting standards with weight considerations fundamental to every aspect of the design and construction process.