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Welcome to Franklin Boatyards

Choosing a boat builder for your next boat isn't always easy,
there are many aspects that must be considered…

  • Expertise - Do they have the necessary experience and knowledge to build my boat?
  • Innovation - Will they offer innovative ideas and approaches to benefit my project?
  • Quality - Will the end product be a boat of superb quality?
  • Performance - Can they complete my project on time and on budget?

Our History

Established in 1971, Ian Franklin Boat Builders Limited is headed by its founder, Ian Franklin. Significant boats from this era included Davidson’s Ex-tension, winner of the Sydney to Hobart, Indian Pacific winner of the Hamilton Island series, then Kings Cross and his own partnership boat Southern Fun, the most successful line honours boat in the local yachting scene for many years.

In 1982 Ian Franklin Boat Builders began the construction of the first of many Bruce Farr designed boats. With support coming from the United States based Farr office for the Franklin Teams' ability to build high quality, high performance yachts — a number of top line, custom built Farr designed yachts were completed, together with several from the drawing board of Laurie Davidson and others from Nelson Marek, Carl Schumacher, Bill Dixon, Rob Humphreys and Tim Barnett, plus Scott Robson power craft.

More recently designs from Reichel Pugh, Morelli and Melvin, Paul Bieker, Bruce Askew,Sparkman and Stephens and Laurie Davidson have filled the workshop. High ideals such as these don't just happen… it takes careful attention to detail, a thorough knowledge of a wide variety of construction methods and materials, a close working relationship with designers and material suppliers, a willingness to utilise specialist technical services - proven new construction methods and state-of-the-art materials - and above all, an abundant enthusiasm and pride in the final product.

The Franklin Team's attention to detail, accuracy and overall weight combined with strength and superb finish have earned them a favoured builder status with several of the world’s leading designers. Success spurs them on... They say you are only as good as your last boat, but that takes no account of a solid record of successes.

There are numerous Franklin boats worldwide that continue to carry successes with them. Boats that the Franklin Team look back on with pride and satisfaction of a job well done, a client well satisfied and a boat well built. The Franklin Team know however that you cannot rest on your laurels, rather they use these successes to spur them on to better things and each new project is seen as an opportunity to improve and build even better.

Located in the suburb of Bromley in the city of Christchurch, Ian Franklin Boat Builders features a 9,600 sq ft timber and composite workshop, a 2,400 sq ft engineering workshop, a dedicated spray painting shop and a massive hard stand area. The workshop is fully equipped for sophisticated composite and timber construction and includes the following: An eighty foot, state of the art, temperature controlled heat curing oven Specialist wood working and laminating equipment Mobile spray painting tunnel.

Top sailing spots in New Zealand

New Zealand has plenty of opportunities for sailing. With a huge coastline, great harbors and breathtaking landscapes you can see, you cannot miss a fabulous adventure on the local waterways. Spend your days surrounded by spectacular views of the bays, rivers or ocean and create long-lasting memories with your loved ones. Build your dream boat at the Franklin Boatyards and improve your skills with a trip to places that you will never forget.

Whether you are an experienced sailor, or you just finished your training, you will have a memorable experience in the country with the largest number of boats per capita. Choose your favorite path and offer your friends and family a delightful holiday. You can stop anytime and anywhere you want and admire the treasures of nature. No matter you go for an afternoon cruise, or for several days, make sure you have a great time wherever you go.

One of the most appreciated locations is the Bay of Islands in Northland. Take advantage of the most famous marine park with 144 islands and gaze at the spectacular coastal sceneries and turquoise water. If you need excitement in your life and a high level of adrenaline rush, do not spend your leisure time and choose instead an island exploration with your vessel. While you are there, visit the village of Russell and practice some watersports.

Let your passion for boats take you to Hauraki Gulf. With its impressive sparkling water stretching and exceptional islands, this place has everything you want. From wildlife to tourist attractions and fun water activities you can do, there is no doubt that this marine reserve will sweep you off your feet. You can watch the birdlife, discover the natural habitat of many animal species like dolphins and whales or try fishing, kayaking and more.

Popular for the gentle waters near the harbor, Auckland is every sailor’s favorite playground. You can relax and find peace on a sunny day on the deck, watch the lights of the city’s landmarks at night or you can challenge your skills and set sail to the Waitemata Harbour. You will love the stunning beaches and the old forms of volcano eruptions on the Rangitoto Island. Carry your camera with you and snap some of the best shots.

Venture on cruise to Abel Tasman National Park and let the sun accompany you to the golden sand beaches, forest and magical water. Take pleasure in the region’s hot climate and opt for a sunbathing day. For the adventurers, there are multiple options for kayaking and other water-based activities that will make you return for more. Bring your buddies and paddle your way on the calm waves, go for a swim and cherish the surroundings.

New Zealand is the perfect choice when it comes to sailing. You can relieve stress and find the serenity and freedom you need after a long day at work. Share with your kids the love you have for yachts and teach them entertaining sports. Renew your bond with the natural environment and play interesting games with your pals. Enjoy the kind climate of the country and explore the most unique spots in New Zeeland by boat!